“When we reject the single story, when we realize that there is never a single story about any place, we regain a kind of paradise”
– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Connect and comprehend the authenticity of the destination through our off-the-beaten-path concept of traveling. Stories are everywhere, behind every corner, and we have realized – they are mirrors reflecting the heart & soul of one destination, but often we tend to miss them if we simply don’t know where to look. And without them, the destination would be just a place to visit, not an abundance of experiences that shape your travel story. People with indigenous perspectives, important events, meaningful places to visit- those are the things that make one place completely distinct from another.

 – immerse yourself deeper into the soul of the destination –



May 23
Off The Beaten Path – Discover Poreč Old Town

From being  a small fishing village in centuries BC, to developing into a Roman…

May 18
Pick Your Favorite Itinerary – Michelin’s 2018 Guide for Istria

Each year Decanter recognizes more Istrian winemakers, this year Flos Olei declared…

May 15
Preserving Cultural Heritage in Istria: Festivals and Events in May

Courtesy of Pixabay The combination of a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful shores,…

May 10
Off the Beaten Path – Vrsar

Which was it: lovely beaches, picturesque art-inspiring streets or excellent red wine,…

May 03
Vinistra 2018: To Which Winemakers Should You Pay a Visit?

Save the date, or better save the weekend of 11th, 12th and 13th of May for this…

Apr 24
Off The Beaten Path – Explore Pazin in One Day!

Interested in exploring the very heart of Istrian peninsula in just 1 day? We might…

Apr 20
Eat Like A Local in Istria: Places You Need To Add To Your Food Itinerary

If you play it safe during your trips, and you’re not interested in trying out the…

Apr 04
Spring Specials in Istria: April Events for Foodies

Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’ – said Robin…

Mar 29
3 Forgotten Istrian Places You Ought To Visit

1. PAZ, WALDERSTEIN CASTLE Located deep in central Istria, in small village of Paz…

Mar 29
Rovinježi – An Indigenous Mediterranean Character of People

“Get to know the locals!” – is something we hear every day, when we travel someplace…

Mar 29
You Better Watch Out: Rovinj’s Best Kept Underground Secrets

Can you imagine the Adriatic pearl of romance  as a former scene of…

Mar 29
There Are More Than a Few Curious Things in the Waters of Rovinj Aquatorium

Apart from being surrounded by beautiful bays, clear waters, and a mild Mediterranean…

Mar 27
Take a Stroll Through The Old Town: Rovinj’s Top Streets

Kontrada, or in Rovinj dialect Contrada, means a wide and long street in the…



Apr 10
Ivan Karlić: “You can’t hunt life if you don’t hunt truffles”

Only 25 years old, and yet so experienced and ambitious anyone would envy him. We had…

Mar 28
Giovanni Tominić: “It’s important to create a network of trust among people”

Founded in 2014th, Motocross Park Santarija in Pazin, central Istria, is welcoming…



*Founded in 2015, we are solely focused on contributing to sustainable tourism development. Therefore we are keen on building a travel brand to connect travelers with locals and the destination. Agora Off The Beaten Path is a movement that embraces tourism development in a respectful manner, while preserving nature and encouraging the locals to involve themselves in a much meaningful, deeper connecting between the guests and the destination. 

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